Coronavirus Quarantine is coming!


With all the stuff going on with Coronavirus right now as the death toll rises and rises my biggest worry is my prediction about the government shutting everything down and putting everyone on a Coronavirus Quarantine. In many other countries right now people are not aloud to leave there houses and apartments and I think its going to happen here.

The Coronavirus is nothing to joke about and even though they are saying it mostly kills old people and people with disabilities there are other doctors saying we dont know what it can do when it lives in the body for long periods of time and the long term affects can be much much worse or even deadly.

If you are not taking this Coronavirus seriously and think it a joke then you need to think again.

The Coronavirus is hurting the economy very badly but we are not sure how it will affect porn. I think more people will be hiding at home jerking off and buying porn but we will see and I will give you a report on my prediction later.