First post on my regular Thai Blog from Thailand


This is my first post on my new regular Thai blog. After running my own Thai porn website with now hundreds of scenes I have filmed and shared with all over the last 5 years I now want to expand to share even more of my life with you all and I have created this new blog to share everything from things that happened in my life to photos I take on my travels.

Being that social media censorship is way out of control and I cant seem to keep a account anywhere weather is be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or anywhere else where these election meddling cowards sit hiding behind there keyboards banning people they dont like I have had enough. Its time to start posting everything exclusively here to share with everyone to see. Expect many more blogs to come as I work on building up the size of my website and expanding it!

I am thinking of even changing this website’s frontend to a none porn site because even google’s censorship with porn sites is getting out of control and I am seeing large drops in traffic. Lets see where I take this venture :]